Artroom Devon is an art school for children and young people who have a passion for art and feel that creativity might play an important role in their future…

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“You won’t find another art class where children will be creating a Pokemon painting one day and a Picasso style portrait the next day.”

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“Artroom provides a fabulous opportuntity for children to develop their art” – Mrs S Cattaneo: Headteacher Brighton & Hove High School for Girls Juniors

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Who are we?

We are Artroom, a leading provider of extra-curricular art classes for children and young people.

Run by Husband and Wife, Sebastian Dewing and Alison Horton, we have worked with over 15,000 young people in creating extraordinary artworks at our Brighton studio and we are delighted that Artroom classes are now available in Lympstone and Exmouth.

We teach art to children aged between 6 and 16 and firmly believe that every pupil who comes through our studio door is capable of exceeding their own artistic expectations. Our aim is to bring young artists together, through our unique and inspirational courses and workshops which operate after school, in the evenings and throughout the school holidays. Whether you are the parent of a prodigal 6 year-old or a teenager requiring a little inspiration with their GCSE coursework, the next Damian Hirst needing guidance with their scholarship portfolio, or your child simply loves art: Artroom will have a dynamic course for your child to attend.

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What do we do?

We will identify, foster and develop artistic talent, through the depth, range and diversity of our courses, whilst enabling students to become culturally aware and literate. Students shall develop transferable creative, team-working, thinking and personal skills and stimulate a lifelong passion for the arts. Artroom Devon provides expert tuition within a safe and supportive environment and in collaboration with the distinctive aims of the National Curriculum. We will enable students to build on their experience gained in schools without conflicting with it.

Our courses are structured to enhance student’s knowledge of materials, processes and techniques whilst offering access to the ideas, values and beliefs of other artists and exposure to some of the most penetrating achievements of human culture. The arts are the embodiment of human imagination, the record of human achievement and the process that distinguishes us as human beings. There is an intrinsic value to the teaching of art and the need to support, encourage and value the creative and cultural expression of young people is paramount. We believe it is of fundamental importance that our students are given the opportunity to meet working artists, so we organise regular visits from notable practitioners. Such events play a vital role in the development of a child’s lifelong passion for art.

We’ve had guest speakers including the legendary Ralph Steadman, Roger Dean, Street Artist Charlie Edwards – AKA ‘Pure Evil’, author and illustrator Chris Riddell, Gruffalo creator Axel Scheffler, and the ‘boy who bit Picasso’ – Anthony Penrose. Gilbert and George have sponsored us and the world’s greatest publishers of art books, Thames & Hudson, have described our pupil’s paintings as ‘Amazing’. Banksy – yes – BANKSY – was ‘blown away’ by our pupil’s work and Ai Weiwei retweets us. How is that for

How do we do it?

Artroom employs teaching strategies and techniques that have been successfully developed and implemented in the public and private sector of education and teachers hold P.G.C.E.s. We work closely with a wide range of schools and have forged strong relationships with both Headteachers and Art Directors alike.


Sebastian’s highly enthusiastic and inspiring teaching of all aspects of Art lies in his singular belief in the individual.
Edward Twohig

Director of Art, Wellington College

Artroom provides a fabulous opportunity for children to develop their art
Mrs S.Cattaneo

Head Teacher, Brighton & Hove High School for girls Juniors

Teachers will frequently inform us that they are aware of the children who attend Artroom by the standard of their work, their knowledge of art and confidence with materials. We will guide and nurture every pupil who enrols on a course and enable them to achieve artistic results that they never thought possible. That’s why pupils remain on our courses, year after year.

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Why Artroom?

You won’t find another art class where children will be creating an “Among Us” Miro mashup one day and a Fauvist style portrait the next. You won’t find another art class where pupils get to use real gold leaf, acrylic paints, coffee, vintage magazines, rust, Indian inks, bleach, gouache and Victorian photographs. You won’t find another art class that employs the artistic systems of some of the most cutting edge artists working today. We’ll frequently source an artist on Instagram or Twitter, work in their style, send them the pupil’s work and get almost instant feedback. It’s hugely rewarding for students.

Our evening class has helped many young people gain scholarships to leading independent schools and for pupils who stay with us until Year 11 – their efforts are frequently rewarded on results day with the coveted A*. All of our teaching is carefully structured to create a sense of confidence, early in a project – with children of all abilities. This confidence then propels the pupil forward at warp speed into an artistic space they never felt possible. You’ll never hear them say; ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘I’m rubbish at art’ ever again. That’s a promise. We’ve been featured in The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph and our younger pupils were filmed making art as part of Ant and Dec’s ‘Text Santa’ appeal.

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Courses on offer


Pupils are taught how to produce successful and interesting art, using a variety of materials, processes and techniques through a series of structured and guided practical workshops. Pupils work week by week, slowly building towards a finished piece of work. We also work regularly in sketchbooks. Previous topics include Bansky style graffiti art, Patrick Caulfield style interiors and Surrealist Photomontage.

Courses run for half an academic term


Wednesdays 4.30pm – 5.45pm

COST: £9.90 weekly

The new Junior course is 6 weeks and runs from Wednesday 5th June to Wednesday 10th July. The cost will be £59.40.


These classes provide pupils with an eclectic mix of creative and stimulating opportunities to explore artists and techniques in ways that are both personally relevant and developmental in nature. Pupils will build a wealth of creative skills, developing imaginative and intuitive ways of working whilst improving artistic knowledge and their understanding of media and materials. We will reference both contemporary and tradition art works and demonstrate how the visual elements can be used to convey a range of ideas, meanings and feelings. Pupils are encouraged to be versatile in their choice of materials and we will guide them with their application of media.

Over a typical 6 week course, pupils will produce 3 or 4 finished pieces. Contextual information is given at the beginning of the session so that pupils are able to further develop their understanding of the work, enabling them to create interesting and exciting art by referencing a highly diverse selection of artists. My aim is to inspire further development of work.

Relevant to:

G.C.S.E. coursework support
Portfolio preparation for art scholarships at 11+ and 13+*
10 – 16 year olds wishing to extend their skills and knowledge

*Pupils applying for scholarships are expected to present as much original work as possible. It is important to note therefore, that work completed in these sessions is guided and should only form a small part of a broader selection of a pupil’s art portfolio.


Wednesdays 6pm – 7.30pm

COST: £11.90 weekly

The new Senior course is 6 weeks and runs from Wednesday 5th June to Wednesday 10th July. The cost will be £71.40.

What is our vision?

We truly and firmly believe that art has the power to transform the lives of young people – we’ve seen it happen many, many times. In a climate where art’s demotion from a core subject in every child’s education to a smattering of token options that children dip in and out of, it’s no wonder that more and more parents are choosing to send their children to our classes. Unlock YOUR child’s creative potential and book them in for a course at our studio.


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Class locations and contact  Artroom Devon

Lympstone Village Hall, School Hill, Lympstone, EX8 5JY

Mobile: 07727 882824


Payment: By Bank Transfer

Bank details:

SORT-CODE: 30-99-50
ACCOUNT: 22960462

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Artroom Studios on YouTube


Artroom now has a YouTube channel so that people can participate in one of our classes at any time, wherever they are. We are aiming to add a new YouTube class weekly and topics so far include ‘How to Draw Mr Bean’ mashup and ‘How to draw Baby Yoda on a Llamacorn’. Our YouTube classes are slightly wacky and fun and we encourage you to visit our channel and subscribe.