These classes provide pupils with an eclectic mix of creative and stimulating opportunities to explore artists and techniques in ways that are both personally relevant and developmental in nature. Pupils will build a wealth of creative skills, developing imaginative and intuitive ways of working whilst improving artistic knowledge and their understanding of media and materials. We will reference both contemporary and tradition art works and demonstrate how the visual elements can be used to convey a range of ideas, meanings and feelings. Pupils are encouraged to be versatile in their choice of materials and we will guide them with their application of media.

Over a typical 6 week course, pupils will produce 3 or 4 finished pieces. Contextual information is given at the beginning of the session so that pupils are able to further develop their understanding of the work, enabling them to create interesting and exciting art by referencing a highly diverse selection of artists. My aim is to inspire further development of work.

Relevant to:

G.C.S.E. coursework support

Portfolio preparation for art scholarships at 11+ and 13+*

Pupils in years 6/7 – 11 wishing to extend their skills and knowledge

*Pupils applying for scholarships are expected to present as much original work as possible. It is important to note therefore, that work completed in these sessions is guided and should only form a small part of a broader selection of a pupil’s art portfolio.

All materials supplied.

£12.50 per pupil/per class or £22 for two siblings in attendance

Years 6/7 – 11

Class time options:

Mondays 5.45pm – 7.15pm

Wednesdays – 4pm – 5.30pm / 6pm – 7.30pm

Thursdays 6pm – 7.30pm

Our CURRENT course began on Monday 3rd June and will run for 7 weeks until Friday 19th July. The cost is £87.50 or £157.50 for siblings.

PLEASE NOTE: we are able to accommodate late enrolment to these classes. Please email to discuss.