Through a series of guided demonstrations, pupils create a piece of work, following the style of an artist or movement. Each day has a different theme (see below for details).

Ages 6-12

£40 per day or £72 for siblings and a packed lunch is required.

COURSES START AT 9am PROMPT and finish at 3pm

Please pay by BACS.

Workshops can be booked by phone, email or text.

IMPORTANT: Once you have booked your place on a workshop it is CONFIRMED, even before payment is made. Please do not fail to inform us you will not be attending on the assumption that because you have not paid, you are not confirmed.

Details for BACS payments and more information can be found on the Dates & Fees page: important note – please clearly state the child’s name and the date of the workshop they are attending within the BACS process.

Workshops must be paid for prior to the day. Please confirm booking before making payment.

Early, Independent School Dates:

Monday 11th December: Christmas ‘Among Us’ workshop

Tuesday 12th December: Harry Potter Christmas cartoons

Wednesday 13th December: Vexx street art

Thursday 14th December: Britto inspired Christmas Pop Art

Friday 15th December: ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Christmas cartoons

We frequently have cancellations on fully booked workshops resulting in spaces becoming available once again. If you are interested in your child joining a waiting list on any or all days, please do contact us with your details, stating also if your child or children are likely to be available on the morning of the workshop to join the class at short notice.
Monday 18th December: Pixar Christmas Characters

Tuesday 19th December: Raymond Briggs’ Snowman street art!

Wednesday 20th December: Matisse Christmas cut outs

Thursday 21st December: Jon Burgerman Christmas doodles FULLY BOOKED

Friday 22nd December: Christmas ‘Among Us’ workshop