So Roger Dean has been and gone having paid a visit to our studio last Saturday; it was another great success to add to the ever growing list of artistic dignitaries who have passed through our doors in order to spread knowledge and wisdom to our eager pupils.

Mr Dean set something of a new record on two fronts during his captivating talk: the air was thick with questions from the assembled children, all of whom seemed especially inspired by his extraordinary landscapes. Unusually we had to open up the room to Q&A right from the word go, such was their enthusiasm to pick the mind of our special guest. One pupil in particular, Kai, was so keen and prepared, he had written down a list of things to ask, whilst another decided to go straight to a certain question of age!

Another record must surely be the sheer volume of “oohs” and “aahs” being made by everyone as they were treated to an incredible slideshow of Mr Dean’s work (noises being made by adults and children alike!)

Mr Dean proved both brilliant and keen to impart as many tips as he could on how to go about the practise of making fine art and also finding a way to live a life within the art-world. His information will surely be invaluable to all those pupils who were present on the day, which proved an unforgettable experience for everyone!

Roger Dean visits Artroom

Roger Dean during his talk to the children of Artroom